Our team consists of consultants and associates, each with a proven record in the field of customer experience. We would love to introduce ourselves to you.
  • Kees Kerkvliet
    Managing Director
    The Captain; of TOTE-M and for pleasure on his boat LOLA. On deck, in front of the group, or on stage, Kees is in his element, at full speed, and always inspiring!
  • Kris Konrad TOTE-M

    Kris Konrad
    Senior Consultant
    If it comes to travel, Kris knows no boundaries; whether he travels around the world or explores Customer Journeys!
  • Jan Nelissen
    Senior Consultant
    Jan loves speed. Not only on his motorcycle on the track, but also in his work.
  • Patricia Hoetelmans
    Senior Consultant
    Patricia is always looking for the best experience. At festivals, in kickboxing, but also with her Clients!
  • Frank Meydam

    Frank Meydam
    Associate Consultant
    Frank is a team player. He prefers to do sports in a team to win together, but also in his work to build a memorable customer experience together with the customer!
  • Annelies Vermeulen
    Office Manager
    Our backbone and anchor, Annelies ensures that everything runs smoothly at TOTE-M
  • Richard Brandhorst
    Associate Consultant Data & CRM
    Nothing makes Richard happier than an enormous amount of data that he can tackle. It might look like magic, but he always manages to extract unexpected and valuable insights
  • Sydney Brouwer
    Associate Consultant
    Sydney loves to improvise, even making a hobby out of it. In his spare time, he plays a lot of improvisation theater and enjoys theater sports.
  • Ursula de Mol
    Associate Consultant Digital
    Ursula is our expert on everything digital. Online customer contact, UX and Omni channel are the keywords that make Ursula tick.
  • Ralph Poldervaart
    Associate Consultant Personas & Storytelling
    Ralph can make and tell great stories, including heroes and villains; he manages to put this skill to excellent use in the business world.
  • Madhu Mathoera
    Associate Consultant Communication and Online
    Madhu doesn’t like to play hide and seek, but just wants to share knowledge and make everyone visible!

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